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Answer these four easy questions to check if you are qualified for your loan amount. No hidden charges or fees, and it won't affected your credit score.

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Receive multiple loan offers and decide which one is best for your business

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With our efficient processing system, you can get funded within 24-48 hours!

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Highly trained and experienced, our loan experts give the best advice.

Funding Up to $100,000,000

Apply for funding of at least $5,000 up to $100,000,000

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Built to empower businesses, we provide merchants with not only options, but opportunities.
We DRIVE RATES LOWER by vetting lenders to compete with their pricing. WeCompete Lenders is the best way to fund your small business.


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Need quick access to capital?

We offer an array of financing options with clear terms, and low-interest rates.

Merchant Cash Advance

Swift, efficient and manageable, a merchant cash advance is an attractive alternative for small and medium scale businesses.

Loan Consolidation

Settle your debts sooner! Our loan consolidation options can help you pay off all your smaller high-interest debts with a large low-interest loan.

Property Loans

Get the best value for your assets. With our property loans, you can get funds up to 90% of the property value.

Asset Based Lending for Equipment

Make the most out of your assets. Use your equipment to finance your growth and operations while maintaining ownership.

Asset Based Lending for Property

Max out the potential of your properties with a loan! Get up to 90% of the appraised value of your property to fund your projects.

SBA Loans

Acquire financing for your start-up or small business with our reasonable interest rates and minimal loan requirements.

Credit Card Processing

We facilitate credit card processing so your business can go cashless without worrying about cash-only purchases.

Equipment Financing/Leasing

Purchase a new equipment or update your old ones. Our equipment financing solutions can be customized to accommodate your needs.

Construction Loan

Our construction loans are tailored to fit the cash flow cycle of every project thereby minimizing equity required and maximizing project returns.

Invoice Financing

Send us an application form, get pre-approved and immediately receive offers for your accounts receivables.

Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit permit you to draw funds as you need them and improves your credit score at the same time.

Purchase Order Financing

Fill in more orders and accept more business from customers. Use your purchase orders to cover the costs of your operations.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans connect the gaps on your cash flow so you can provide for your immediate business needs and expedite your growth.

Merchant POS

Set up a state-of-the-art POS system. Our integrated, full-featured system is designed to manage payments efficiently and safely.


Get the best value for your assets! With our property loans you can get funds of up to 90% of the property value.



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We Make It Easy

  2. Answer a few quick questions online - with no negative impact to your credit score.

  4. You get to choose competitive, personalized loan offers from multiple vetted lenders.

  6. After loan approval, funds can be sent to your account as soon as the next business day.

Our clients are our biggest supporters.

WeCompete Lenders prides itself on a hassle-free process with professional and dedicated customer service. Our success is driven by your passion to grow your business.

WeCompete Lenders made my loan application quick and simple. The services they provided was much better compared to the other two alternative lenders I’ve previously worked with. They have people who know what they’re doing. I’ll be happy to recommend them.
-Pryce B., Bozeman, MT
WeCompete Lenders helped us refinance our business with a Merchant Cash Advance. Our loan advisor made sure we understood the terms of the advance before he forwarded it for processing. He also discussed other loan options they offered. No questions were left unanswered and every detail was explained to us thoroughly. I commend them for their excellent service and for making sure their clients make informed decisions.
-Randall H., North Attleborough, MA
Many many thanks to their loan officers who were knowledgeable and honest. They deal with their clients in a very smooth, straightforward approach. Their low rates are added bonuses.
-Kelly C., Evanston, WY
We applied for their short-term loan because after shopping around, we found they had the lowest rates and most agreeable loan terms. The terms were clear, no hidden fees, and everything was processed smoothly. We are looking forward to doing more business with WeCompete Lenders.
-Louise M., Stockbridge, GA
I wasted so much time applying for an SBA loan and got rejected by many lenders. When I applied through WeCompete Lenders, they were honest and told me they couldn’t get me that loan but gave me alternatives that would most likely give me an approval and reasonable terms. Turns out I can use my receivables so they got me an A/R financing instead. In a weeks’ time, I received the money in my account. I wish I would’ve heard about them before I started processing my own loans, but going forward I’ll be sure to use their services.
-Latonya P., Los Angeles, LA
We were going through a rough patch and needed some money to tide us over. We didn’t know which loan we could apply to or how the application works so the loan advisor had to walk us through the whole process and explained all those jargons along the way. Just a few days after applying, we received the funds! They not only saved me time but they saved my business. I can't thank them enough.
-Kimberly M., Tyler, TX
I was in doubt of getting a loan through an alternative lender but I needed funds ASAP and most of my applications to other lenders weren’t coming through. Happy to say that I made the right choice with WeCompete Lenders. Quick processing and the money got credited to my account the next business day after approval. Thanks guys!
-Rafael, S., D'Iberville, MS

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